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Current CCCA Executive

President, Treasurer, Books & Supplies Secretary, Canada's Delegate to the ICCF
Manny Migicovsky

1669 County Rd 4, L'Orignal, Ontario, (Canada) K0B 1K0
Duties: Handles all tournament entries (except friendly team matches and International entries), membership renewals, change of address notices, supply orders, general inquires, back issue requests, non receipt of magazine, account balances. This is the person to contact if you have questions regarding the CCCA in general and specific questions about the above items.

Vice-President, International Events Secretary & CCCA webmaster

540 Ste-Thérèse, Joliette, Québec (CANADA) J6E 4A8
Email: Vice-President
Duties: Handles International event entries. This is the person to write to if you wish to enter International CC events (ICCF/NAPZ) and have questions regarding International play. Maintains the CCCA's website.

CHECK! Editor
Ralph P. Marconi

Duties: In charge of magazine production. This is the person to contact if you have questions regarding CHECK! magazine in general.

Domestic Tournament Coordinator

Sam Sharpe
87A Kings Crescent
Ajax, Ontario (CANADA) L1S 2M4

Email: Domestic Tournament Coordinator
Duties: Handles any private matches between our members and any other domestic tournaments that are organized, such as the K event. This is the person to contact if you have general questions regarding your chess games.

International Tournament Coordinator

George Bukowski
Email: International Tournament Coordinator
Duties: Handles the international friendly team match tournaments. And from time to time also handle some other ICCF tournaments at the discretion of the International Events Secretary. This is the person to contact if you have questions
regarding your team friendly games.

Membership Secretary

Valer Eugen Demian
1805 View Street
Port Moody, BC, V3H 3Y3
Email: Membership Secretary
Duties: In charge of maintaining the membership database.
And sending out our membership kits.

Complaints Secretary
Arthur Prystenski

643 Pasadena, Winnipeg, MB.(CANADA) R3T 2T2
Complaints Secretary
Duties: Handles all complaints concerning your postal chess games and opponents. This is the person to contact if you have complaints and/or disputes regarding your opponents in your postal chess games.

Recruitment Secretary

Asbjorn Woldmo
22740 116 Ave. #43, Maple Ridge, BC (CANADA) V2X 2X7
Email: Recruitment Secretary
Duties: Handles all matters dealing with the reruitment of new members.

CCCA Games Editors

Yasset de Paz Gonzales & Michael Egan

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