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Author: Joe Deidun Jr.

Welcome to the Tournament Page for the Canadian Correspondence Chess Association. The following pages will list Cross-Tables for our major tournaments. For any questions, please contact your Tournament Director or the author of these pages:
Joe Deidun Jr. Email

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CCCA Tournaments - Regular Mail

Major Open:

Championship of Canada:

Candidates Master Challenge:

Nationwide Open Finals:

Private Matches 2015: P-1502 | P-1503

Computer Free:

Class Tournaments:

Senior's Open:

CCCA Tournaments - Electronic Mail & ICCF Server

Championship of Canada 2016-2018: KE-72 | KE-73 | KE-74

Women's Championship of Canada 2017-2018: L-11 | L-12

Candidates Master Challenge:

Nationwide Open:

Major Open:

Class Tournaments:

Private Matches 2018: PE-1801

Provincial Matches:

Senior's Open:

Tournament Archive of Events: Send me there!
( Crosstables of completed CCCA Tournaments.)

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