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CCCA Dues & Supplies

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CCCA Membership Fees (Canadian dollars)
*Note: PDF refers to the electronic version.
Membership Subscription Type One Year Two Years Three Years Five Years
Canada $28 $53 $79 $128
For All Members (*PDF) $22 $41 $61 $98
Senior (65+)/youth (under 18) $26 $49 $73 $118
USA $32 $62 $92 $148
Foreign $43 $83 $122 $191


CCCA Chess Supplies
Postcards: 350 @ $26 700 @ $38 1400 @ $59         2100 @ $82
Sample copy of CHECK! $6

* These rates apply to shipments in Canada only.

Shipments to the USA will be priced as required. To simplify purchases from American buyers: Please pay for your purchase in US currency as per the posted Canadian rates. Adjustments will be made to reflect the postage and the currency exchange rate between US and Canadian currency and either your CCCA account will be credited or a refund cheque will be issued. The option is yours.

Paypal now accepted for purchases of supplies, CCCA Tournaments fees  and membership dues!: Credit card payments can be made at www.paypal.com  to my email address: cccapp@cogeco.ca The fee for this payment method is 4% of your order or 1.00 whichever is greater. Please notify Manny Migicovsky VIA EMAIL should you choose to pay this way.

Renew membership, request new membership kit information from:

Valer Eugen Demian
1805 View Street
Port Moody, BC
Canada V3H 3Y3
Email: vdemian@shaw.ca

Order supplies from and send membership dues to:

Manny Migicovsky
1669 County Rd 4, RR 1
L'Orignal, Ontario
Canada K0B 1K0
Tel: (613)632-3166
E-Mail: ccca@cogeco.ca


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