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Letter From the President

Dear Chess friend:

The purpose of the Canadian Correspondence Chess Association is to provide an organization for the promotion of playing chess by mail, E-mail, And now ICCF Webserver hosted, regionally, nationally and internationally.

...a well organized and established institution with members from coast to coast...

To reach that goal, the CCCA offers a well organized and established institution with members from coast to coast, offering reliability, performance, friendly contacts and a wide choice of playing strengths from beginners to masters.

The CCCA offers different types of tournaments. Class and Rating tournaments are played against opponents of the same strength. Class involves six games, two each against three opponents, while Rating involves six or seven games, one game against each opponent. Open tournaments involve playing one game against many players of diverse playing strengths. Private matches and international tournaments (Canadian residents or citizens only) are also available. Class tournaments are open the year round and begin once the required number of entrants are signed up. Refer to the enclosed enrollment sheet for further information regarding tournaments. (Click on : CCCA Tournament Calendar for a listing and description of tournaments available in the CCCA.)

The CCCA bulletin CHECK! is mailed four times a year and is included with your with CCCA membership. It reports game and tournament results, lists completed and upcoming tournaments, and provides annotated games and theoretical articles. A rating list is published in each issue showing the comparative standing of all active members.

Membership is open to anyone interested in the objectives of the association. If you would like to receive more information including a copy of our quarterly magazine, CHECK!, please send $6 to the address below.

May your interest in chess provide you with a lifetime of pleasure.

Yours sincerely,

Manny Migicovsky
CCCA President & Membership Secretary
1669 Country Road 4
L'Orignal, Ontario, Canada
K0B 1K0
E-Mail: ccca@cogeco.ca

Copyright © 1999 Manny Migicovsky. All rights reserved.

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