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The purpose of the Canadian Correspondence Chess Association is to provide an organization for the promotion of playing chess by mail, e-mail and now ICCF webserver hosted, regionally, nationally and internationally ...
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The article on this page about correspondence chess in Canada was provided by: Leonard Zehr with research from J. Ken MacDonald, David MacLeod, Ken Kowal, Ralph P. Marconi, Michael Sharpe, Carlo Alberto Pagni (ITA) and Larry Fyffe, for Canada's contribution to ICCF's, ICCF Gold: 50th Jubilee Celebration (pub. 2002), book.
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Saturday, 26 November 2022

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Thursday, 27 October 2022

The following are ICCF events that CCCA members have recently completed:

WCCC45PR 6 (CCM Peter Green) (completed play with 7-7, tied for 2nd)
WS/M/817 Julien Bourgalt (completed play with 5½-4½)
WS/M/818 Julien Bourgalt (completed play with 4-6)
WS/M/816 Peter Green (completed play with 3-7
WS/M/840 Julien Bourgalt (completed play with 5½-4½)
WS/H/876 Ralph Marconi (completed play with 1½-4½)
WS/H/895 Franco Manarin (completed play with 1½-4½)
WS/H/896 Franco Manarin (completed play with 2½-3½)
WS/H/897 Franco Manarin (completed play with 2½-3½)
WS/H/898 Franco Manarin (completed play with 3-3)
WS/H/902 Franco Manarin (completed play with 2½-3½)
WS/H/903 Franco Manarin (completed play with 1-5)
WS/H/904 Franco Manarin (completed play with 3-3)
WS/H/905 Franco Manarin (completed play with 2½-3½)
WS/O/1386 (Franco Manarin) (completed play with 3-3)
WS/O/1390 (Franco Manarin) (completed play with 3-3)
WS/O/1413 (Franco Manarin) (completed play with 4-2)
WS/O/1416 (Franco Manarin) (completed play with 4-2)
WS/O/1425 (Franco Manarin) (completed play with 3-3)
WS/O/1426 (Franco Manarin) (completed play with 4-2)
WS/O/1427 (Franco Manarin) (completed play with 3-3)
WS/CCM/A/21 Peter Green (completed play with 5½-8½)
WS/CCM/A/23 Francois Michaud (completed play with 7½-6½)
WS/MN/B/42 Robert Villeneuve (completed play with 4½-9½
WS/CCM/A/24 Jean-Pierre Fundaro (completed play with 7-7)
WS/CCE/A/21 Marius Zubac (completed play with 8½
WSTT/4/20/Final - Bird Opening, A02 Peter Green (completed play with 4½-5½)
WSTT/6/21 - Chebanenko Slav, D15 Group 2 Peter Green (completed play with 3-5)
WSTT/5/21 - Queen's Indian, E12 Group 3 Peter Green (completed play with 7-5)
WSTT/5/21 - Queen's Indian, E12 Group 1 Michael Egan (completed play with 6½-5½)
WSTT/RD - Russian Defence, C42 Group 46 Franco Manarin (completed play with 4½-3½)
WSTT/3/22 - French MacCutcheon, C12 Group 3 Peter Green (completed play with 6½-3½)
WSTT/2/22 - King's Indian, Makagonov var., E71 Group 2 Peter Green (completed play 6 ½-3½)
Aspirers Group 276 Robert Riddell (completed play with 4½-1½)
Aspirers Group 293 Brian Minard (completed play with 0-6)
Aspirers Group 299 Robert Riddell (completed play with 3-3)
World Zone Cup - Semifinals 6 Michel Boulanger (completed play with 7½-4½)
WZ Individual Championship Preliminaries Group 32 Claude Bourgoin (completed play with 0-6)
WZ/OC/98 Claude Bourgoin (completed play with 2-4)
WZ/MN/17 Michael Egan (completed play with 6-6)
WZ/GM/N/20 Alex Barclay (completed play with 6-6)

12th ICCF Veterans World Cup Semi-Finals:
Group 4
Michel Boulanger (completed play with 8½-5½)

Swiss system - KO Tournament 2022 Round 1
Group 44 Alex Barclay (completed play with 5½-4½, advances to next round)
Group 4 Claude Bourgion (completed play 3-9)

Peace Open "Amici sumus"
Group 28 John Boyd (completed play with 6½-5½)

5th Interzonal Individual Tournament Prelims:
Group H Alex Barclay (completed play with 4 ½-3½)

NBC Jubileumtoernooi
Group C
Stephan Brault (completed play with 9-5)

15th DE Webserver Anniversary Prelims:
Prel 52 Vas Sladek (completed play with 6-4)

Valer Vasile Demian Memorial
Group B IM Sam Sharpe (completed play with 8-6)
Group F Vas Sladek (completed play with 8-6)

70th Jubilee Official Events:
Officials Group C Eugen Demian (completed play with 5½-4½)

Wednesday, 26 October 2022

The following are ICCF events that CCCA members have recently started:

WS/M/863 Serge Maurer
WS/M/864 Julien Bourgalt
WS/M/867 Julien Bourgalt
WS/M/870 Julien Bourgalt
WS/O/1463 Sheldon Pimentel
WS/SIM/B/30 Michel Boulanger
WS/SIM/B/33 Michel Boulanger
WS/MN/A/35 Alex Barclay
WS/CCM/A/30 Peter Green
WS/CCE/A/30 Parker Wieck
WS/SIM/B/33 Pierre Jean
WS/CCM/A/29 Marius Zubac
WS/MN/B/57 Marius Zubac
WS/CCM/B/24 Vas Sladek
Aspirers Group 309 Robert Riddell
Chess 960 preliminary 124 Serge Maurer
WZ Individual Championship Candidates Group 12 Michel Boulanger
WZ Individual Championship Candidates Group 12 Alex Barclay
WZ Individual Championship Candidates Group 11 Alex Barclay
WZ - Grand Master Norm/26 Alex Barclay
WZ - Grand Master Norm/24 Alex Barclay
WZ - Correspondence Chess Expert/14 Loving Akwei
WZ - Master Norm/19 Marius Zubac

8th Webchess Open (prelims):

Group 92 Alex Barclay
Group 107 Francois Michaud
Group 32 Sam Sharpe

Group 33 Sam Sharpe
Group 93 Claude Bourgoin
Group 96 Claude Bourgoin
Group 103 Vas Sladek

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Vas Sladek earns an ICCF CCM norm in DE 15th Webserver Anniversary pr 52 Congratulations Vas!

The following cross-table have been updated:

Matches: Canada vs. Cuba (start date 2022-08-25) and Canada vs. Latvia
(start date 2022-09-23)

The following Team Friendly cross-tables updated:
Canada vs. Germany (completed)
Canada vs. Netherlands
Canada vs. Romania
Canada vs. Phillippines
Canada vs. Mexico
Canada vs. Switzerland

The following page has been updated:
Team Friendlies Index Page


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